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Prena's Mission:

Safeguarding infants by reducing the number of tragedies associated with preterm birth


“Preventing preterm birth is a huge medical priority and a significant unmet need.

Prena's new approach to switching off contractions of the womb is very exciting and promises to deliver a non-invasive way to treat preterm labour”

               Professor Anna David, PhD MRCOG MB 

                  Head of  Department of Maternal Fetal Medicine

                                    Institute for Women's Health, University College London


Prena is creating a safe non-invasive photo biomodulation approach to stopping and preventing preterm contractions.

The hormone Melatonin, which regulates our circadian clock, acts upon receptors that form in the uterus immediately preceding labor. That interaction causes smooth muscle contractions . . . labor.


In human testing using light to down-regulate Melatonin the Company  achieved over a 70% success in stopping or reducing contractions to a safe level.


Prena is now poised to finish the development and clinical testing of  this product:

a sleep mask that emits a very low intensity cerulean light that passes through the sleeping woman's eyelids and communicates with the pineal gland to  down regulate melatonin's secretion.


The product is 95% complete. The manufacturer and cost has been locked down.  


The clinical plan is advancing, Sites have been Selected for the pivotal clinical trials,

To date approximately 75% of the company's funding has come from two institutional investors.


Here you will find recent news from the Company, including:

  • Prena named one of the top solution providers in Gynecology by MedTech 9/20

  • Prena enlists two world 

​       renowned  Clinicians to            serve on Prena's Clinical            Advisory Board. 6/20

  • Doctor James Olcese collaborated with researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital on an NIH funded study which validated KynderMed's (Prena) Science. The results were published in 12/ 2019



Prena is  leveraging new scientific understandings to reduce the incidence of preterm birth.

Prena's team is comprised of globally recognized scientists and clinical experts that are recognized as thought leaders in perinatal care and obstetrics / gynecology,  as well as senior business executives ...  all with a driving mission to reduce the tragedies resulting from preterm birth. 

"For far too long this area has been an innovation wasteland"

                 Julian Robinson, MD

                 Chief of Obstetrics

                       Brigham and Womens Hospital


Prena's simple and safe solution to move out of the "wasteland" and address this tragic unmet medical need:

Brille 1.png

comfortable sleep mask that emits a soft, non- disruptive cerulean blue light through the eyelids of the sleeping mother.

In most cases will be sufficient to prevent the onset of labour.

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