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The Prena Story


Dr. James Olcese and Prena collaborate to prevent preterm labour

Dr. James Olcese is a Professor at the Florida State College of Medicine and leading authority on the neuroedrocrine system and the  circadian clock. Following years of study he hypothesized  that the solution to conquering preterm birth was related to the regulation of the circadian clock.

Following extensive published research he discovered that immediately prior to the onset of labour melatonin receptors form in the uterus. Melatonin is the regulator of the circadian clock and is secreted at night. The interaction  between the melatonin and the uterine muscles cause contractions.

Coupling those discoveries with the knowledge that melatonin can be down-regulated with light, Prena was formed and secured exclusive rights to Dr. Olcese's science. To date two successful human proof of concept studies have been conducted, the product has been developed and the Company  is preparing to conduct pivotal clinical trials in the US and UK.


Company Leadership

The Management Team

NBG Portrait.jpeg

Don Rosenkoetter

Founder & Chairman

Don is an experienced, forward thinking executive and entrepreneur within the life science industry.  He is well recognized for identifying, assessing, acquiring, licensing, and commercializing technology platforms that address significant unmet medical needs. His primary focus has been in global healthcare, life sciences and consumer healthcare, managing or advising on over 30 product / country launches. Don has also served as an Advisor to the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation, PATH, the Republic of Mexico, and several university grant review boards. Don is also a partner in Newport, LLC and The Co-Investment Partnership, LLC.

Bill Loughman.png

Bill Loughman


Bill is a seasoned financial professional with significant CFO experience in both the public and private sector, including ten start-ups. He has raised funds through private equity, IPO and public debt offerings with transaction sizes ranging from $2 million to $175 million. Bill is also a partner in the consulting firm Newport, LLC


Stephen Puckett

Chief Business Advisor

Stephen is a serial entrepreneur with several successful exits. He has over 35 years of leadership positions in Medical Devices, Hospitals and Medical Groups. Stephen has commercialized products on a global scale.


Justin Bushko

Product Development Lead

Justin has over 15 years in Medical Device Project Management working with major, mid-tier and start-up companies. He has led two start-ups and developed products currently generating over $5 billion in revenues.

The Scientific / Clinical Team


James Olcese, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor and Co-Founder

James is the creator of Prena's technology. He is a noted authority on circadian rhythms with over 110 peer reviewed articles. In addition James is a Professor of Biomedical Sciences in the Florida State College of Medicine and previously served as a Professor at the University of Hamburg.


Robert Casper, M.D.


Robert is a professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto, at the holder of the Camille Dan Family Research Chair in Translational Cell Biology and the Medical Director o the Toronto Centre for Advanced Reproductive Technology. He has authored over 400 peer review articles.


Anna David, Ph.D.,  M.B.


Anna is a Professor, Honorary Consultant and Head of the Maternal Fetal Medicine at the Institute for Women's Health at University College of London's medical school. In addition she is a Fellow o the Royal College of Obstetrics an dGynaecologists and has over 400 peer reviewed articles.


Michael Paidas, M.D. 


Michael is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine and Health and the Chief of Staff for Jackson Memorial hospital and the Jackson Health System. Formerly he was the Vice Chair, Obstetrics at the Yale School of Medicine. He has over 500 published papers, abstracts, books and chapters.

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